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About Us

The company Strijelac d.o.o. was founded by its owner Mr. Zelimir Bakšić 1990th year in Karlovac, Zagrad 2a, where it operates today.Knowledge of the Scope of toolmaking and plastic processing has enabled the launch and tool plant for processing of polymer materials by injection molding. Produces molds for injection molding and blow molding of plastics, tools for punching and sheet metal forming, metal casting molds for own-produce it, and the same program we do for other customers to order. We accept the realization of operations from concept to finished product from the production of documentation. So far, we have adopted and we do about 250 different items, ranging from technical plastics with metal inserts, through construction tools and accessories to the commercial plastics and consumer products.

In addition we provide servicing of molds and tools. Because we are completing offers and commission trade. We have a large selection of polycarbonate panels used in construction for roofing canopy, greenhouse, large area glazing, partition walls, pool covers, which are manufactured and personally install.

Most of its products are sold on the Croatian market, but not negligible, nor part of that is exported, either as contractors or as direct exporters.

The product range can be divided into several groups:

1. Making tools (molds) for plastic injection and blow molding plastic

2. Repair and servicing of molds (tools) for briganje and blowing plastic

3. Production of injection molding position of metals and plastics

4. The production of and sales of rebar spacers in construction

5. The production of goods and sale of polycarbonate plates

6. Creating covers for swimming pools, greenhouses, awnings for the citizens and industry 


Company Strijelac d.o.o. consists of a toolbox, a manufacturing plant, foundry, raw material and finished products, and office space.

Bazen Bazen


We are now in plastic recognizable company, but we want to inform the general public about our activities that are not yet sufficiently well established, and they are reinforcing our spacers and products of polycarbonate panels.

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