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Strijelac d.o.o.

Who are we?

Experts are of the earlier registered in 1990. as Strijelac d.o.o. in Karlovac, Zagrad 2a. Were initiated activity toolbox, processing thermoplastic injection molding technology for demanding production, WE REALIZE CUSTOMER DEMAND FROM IDEA, TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT.

We have the certificates of ISO 9001:2008.


In our tool shop we make tools for injection molding and blow molding thermoplastics, tools for stamping and cold forming of sheet metal.

In the processing of thermoplastic materials technology injection machines from 10 to 1000 g., At their own tools or tools owned by customers, we offer a wide range of products designed for a variety of needs, from industrial products to consumer goods.

We are proud to manufacture various plastic products as modules that are installed in a variety of mounts for TVs, monitors, projectors, cameras, electric scales and etc. exported to the demanding Swedish, Danish, Austrian and Belgian market.

We manufacture a wide range of products for the construction industry. In the program, we have a variety of reinforcing spacers and other accessories as well as tools for construction, masonry bucket, trowel and fandom.

We produce more than 100 different sizes of plugs for round, square and rectangular tubes locksmith, external and internal stop, we can meet all the needs of builders hardware.

With more than 250 articles of various shims, washers seals, cup candle, handles, cans boxes and similar products can meet and respond to your inquiries.

In our processing of metals we are ready to respond to customer demands and needs of stamped and deep drawn metal products as well as their thermoplastic injection.

We produce metal spacers (spacers), for the construction industry, we provide customers at all times making spacers of different sizes according to their needs and desires (from 80 to 3000 mm).

We produce various structures for roofs, eaves, detached car garage covered polycarbonate panels, polycarbonate assemble the installation dimensions.

Long years of experience in working with polycarbonates, we emphasize PUSH-PULL construction (telescopic folding elements) to cover the pool, terraces of the restaurants, etc.

And finally, we are proud that we have the most knowledge, will and enthusiasm invested by following our dear 18 innovators by creating their prototypes to the finished product. 

Our tool room and processing can offer solutions where plastic is produced in a limited series of spirt plastic is not a dream, but a reality. Our quality is not proportional to the price. 

That's our specialty-our niche, small batch-reasonable price-excellent quality and there is the appearance of items that is very important.

Contact us, we will be glad to answer you.


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